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Additional Review and Approval

In addition to IRB approval, you may need to notify or obtain approval from the following Committees before starting your research at NU.

Radiation Safety:

  • If study participants will undergo research-related radiation procedures at any Northwestern Memorial Healthcare Corporation entity, the investigator is required to upload the Radiation Dosimetry Form in the eIRB+ submission.  The study will not be approved until a review by the Radiation Safety Officer is completed.
Committee Description Contact Information
NMH Clinical Specimens Release Committee (CSRC) Investigators wishing to use clinical patient material for research purposes from the Pathology Department at Northwestern Memorial Hospital must submit their request to the committee via the Clinical Specimen Request Form.
NMH Nursing Committee

NMH Patient Care Research proposals conducted at NMH must be reviewed and approved by the Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice Committee (NREBPC) prior to the initiation of the study.

The NREBPC evaluates all proposals that impact on the nursing profession, nursing practice, or nursing care. Additionally, studies using the time or input of NMH nurses during working hours must receive approval from the Chairperson of NREPC, the Vice President and Chief Nurse Executive and the appropriate Departmental Patient Care Director.

Jill K. Rogers, RN, PhD, NEA-BC (312) 926-0987
NMH Office for Research All research proposals conducted at NMH must be reviewed and approved by the NMH Office of Research.  

NMH Quality Management Committee


NMH Quality Committees are charged with the advancement of care, ensuring the implementation of evidence-based care and the achievement of the best possible outcomes. The NMH Quality Management Committee oversees the work of departmental and functional committees. A quality study may be approved at the most relevant level, which may be a departmental or functional committee, or may be the Quality Management Committee.

Consult NMH Quality leadership for specific direction.

Stephanie Kitt (312) 926-5306
NU Clinical Research Unit (CRU) The Clinical Research Unit (CRU) provides space and nursing, lab, and bionutrition services at their units located both at Northwestern University’s Chicago campus and at Children’s Memorial Hospital (CMH). Website
NU Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) The IBC is responsible for reviewing recombinant DNA research conducted at or sponsored by Northwestern University for compliance with the NIH Guidelines as specified in Section III of the guidelines. The committee approves those research projects that are found to conform with the NIH Guidelines. Website
NU RHLCCC Scientific Review Committee (SRC) Protocols involving cancer patients must obtain review and approval from the Cancer Center Scientific Review Committee before the IRB can review the submission. Website
NU Student Surveys Planning Group (SSPG) ***NOTIFY ONLY*** The Student Surveys Planning Group was created to plan, organize, analyze and monitor surveys which are conducted with the student population. Contact the SSPG if your research also involves the administration of surveys to the student population. Website