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Biomedical Research
Panels A, B, C, D, Q
Arthur Rubloff Building, 7th Floor
750 N. Lake Shore Dr.
Chicago, IL 60611
Social and Behavioral Research
Panel E

Chambers Hall, 2nd Floor
600 Foster St.
Evanston, IL 60208 847-467-1723



Nathalia Henry Whitely, MS, CIP, CHRC
Executive Director
(312) 503-2578


Piper Hawkins-Green, MS, CIP
IRB Compliance Manager
(312) 503-7929
Braden Van Buskirk, MSW, CIP
Social and Behavioral IRB Manager
(847) 467-7588
Lisa Linn, BA, CIP
Biomedical IRB Manager
(312) 503-5368

IRB Analysts

Sheilah Graham, MPH, CIP
IRB Senior Analyst
(312) 503-3545
Kevin Puyleart, BS
IRB Senior Analyst
(312) 503-4225
Beth Irwin, MA
IRB Senior Analyst
(847) 467-1765
Lucas Sikorski, BA, CIP
Lead IRB Analyst
(312) 503-6010
Rae Mwangi, MPH, CIP
Lead IRB Analyst
(847) 467-2899
Maura Fennelly, BA
IRB Analyst Associate
(312) 503-9338
Pranjal Patankar, MBBS, MPH, CIP
IRB Senior Analyst
(312) 503-4230
Dyna Wilston, MA
IRB Analyst
(312) 503-9338
Cheryl Paulus
IRB Analyst
(312) 503-3963
Nazneen Ali, PhD, CIP
IRB Analyst
(312) 503-4175

Compliance Analysts

Alec Henderson, BS, CIP
IRB Compliance Analyst
(312) 503-5417
Priya Tripathi, MS
IRB Compliance Analyst
(312) 503-6012
Angela Baumgartner, BA
IRB Compliance Analyst
(312) 503-4661

Reliance Agreements and Education

Marcella Oliver, MS, CIP
IRB Reliance and Education Lead
(312) 503-6071

Department Assistants

Jaimelyn Bell Mulimbiyi, BA
Administrative Assistant 4
(312) 503-0826