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Getting Started in eIRB+

  1. Access to eIRB+ is available via this site’s eIRB page.
  2. Click “Log-in to eIRB+” and enter your Net ID and Password. You should now be in eIRB+.
  3. Click the “New Study” button.
  4. The application opens. The primary contact completes the questions on each page.
  5. If you wish to exit the application prior to completion, click “Exit”.
  6. To re-open the application, click “Edit Application Form”.
  7. To view the study as an uneditable single continuous document, click the “Print Application”.
  8. When you have reached the Final Page of the application, click “Finish”.  You can always return to the application to make edits.
  9. Once you complete your eIRB+ submission, will be required also to complete a Research Supplemental Submission before submitting your research for review.  Note that although RSS information is collected in tandem with IRB information, RSS information is not considered to be a component of your IRB submission and is, therefore, not reviewed by the IRB.  Any questions regarding RSS information should be directed to the appropriate institutional office managing that information.
  10. Important:  To submit the application to the IRB, the PI or PI Proxy must click the “Submit” button found under “My Current Actions” on the main page of the study application.